That's not what the Death card means

Omnia moderatio
written 2008-08-08 10:16:25

Or some dead language to that effect.

So, Barry tells me he catches up with people on Facebook. And Chuck says there's networking to be done on there. And my colleagues at work say it's a good tool for keeping your name out there. So I signed up for it.

Holy crap, there's a lot of stuff going on there. First off, at my age, there are a lot of people you've known and lost track of. Classically, you meet these people again at weddings, in airports, or in wholly unlikely situations lending themselves to sitcom or rom-com plot devices. Today, you add them as a friend on Facebook and then receive constant updates as to what kind of bagel they are getting today. Secondly, there's a bunch of little games and features and doo-dads for you to screw around with -- but forget that, look at all those people. I've been on for about three days or so, and I have close to 100 "friends."

I'm not comfortable with it, but then again I wasn't really comfortable with WoW, and see where that got me. It's not a replacement for real contact and real friendship. It's a tool for organizing relationships and contacts, and that's probably important to remember.

Must get some housework done this weekend. The apartment wasn't nearly as clean as I hoped for company. Though, I had a look around and I realized that my apartment only has cabinets in the kitchen. No hutches, nowhere to put cleaning supplies, no closets (other than the dwarf-sized one and the cat-box one), no shelves. And I brought in very little in the way of organizing furniture. As a result, even with perfect organization and consolidation of space, my apartment probably looks like a crazy person lives there. I'll get Barry's opinion on that when I can reach him -- he's a busy dude. Somewhere, I'm sure he's wearing two layers of clothes in 106 degree heat and complaining about how mild it is.

I'm sure of it.

--10:10 AM, EDT, Holland, PA, this is grace in gravity

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