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written 2008-08-15 17:15:57

Last night there was this party.

See, Jeff used to be a partner here at my office. He interviewed me on my first visit to the office. But, sometime between then and my offer, Jeff decided to set off on his own and open a new firm. I think we were co-workers for one week before he moved to Newtown as a founding partner of Cevallos and Wong.

Cevallos is a guy who also used to work here at the office, and has been on his own for a while. He does guest spots on CN8, sometimes opines in the Metro op/ed roundtables, and apparently teaches classes sometimes at Drexel.

So, they had this party to announce their new firm, down in the city. At one of those crazy hip expensive joints with $14 cocktails, terribly attractive staff, and a VIP lounge. We were in the lounge. I did not think this made me a VIP.

I congratulated Jeff and Danny, apologized for the rest of my office's failure to show up (excuse: past their bedtime), gave Danny an office-warming gift, and helped myself to some free booze. Well, after paying for a $14 screwdriver, I felt I had a few free ones coming to me.

The above is just prologue. So, I'm hanging out, wondering how young these people are, if they're lawyers or just related to the practice of law somehow, when this young lady asks me about court reporters. It's a random question that I just happen to be able to answer. We discuss things for a while. It's excellent party small talk. She's lovely. Her friend is considering law school, so we talk with her a while.

I mention I should be going (I took the train, just in case I drank a lot of free vodka) and she says okay. She then -- and I just want to emphasize this, for the folks in the cheap seats -- she then reaches into my shirt pocket for my business card, which she takes, and writes her name and info upon. She then slides it back into my shirt pocket and tells me to look her up sometime.

I love Philadelphia.

--5:02 PM, EDT, Holland, PA, let's hope I remember where the close tag for italics goes this time

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