That's not what the Death card means

written 2008-08-18 12:38:50

Bren and Pina made it back safely from the shore. Bren continues his experiments with wind and light materials. Pina is not sure she likes this new "smug, confident Matt" (as seen last post, see below).

Chuck won a Nerd Award. All the nerds get together and have little nerd arguments over what the best nerd stuff is, and as a group they decided Chuck wrote one of the best electronic gaming books this year. Good job and congratulations to him. Nerd.

Mikey blew through town again, long enough to make me go see Star Wars: Clone Wars with him. I apparently need people to tell me "we should go see X movie" because I missed the Indiana Jones movie, the Hulk movie, and conceivably could have missed The Dark Knight had Barry not intervened. Clone Wars is totally not as bad as you've been hearing. It's a fun, fairly light-hearted cartoon about Star Wars. There's a lot of fun futuristic violence, and Jedi Knight fighting you can't do outside of animation or CGI. I'm not saying it was amazing, or even finely crafted or anything. It was just a fun flick. Haters need to calm down and accept. Waiting for DVD? That's cool. I had very low expectations going in, and left pretty happy.

I'm hungry. What's for lunch?

--12:32 PM, EDT, Holland, PA, what do we do when a sprog acts a fool?

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