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Is that primer, or is that what it's going to look like?
written 2008-09-30 17:56:13


I had my first arbitration today. Short version: I won. Longer version: I won, but it kind doesn't matter, because it's not binding, and if the other side thought it was worth taking to arb, they might think it's worth taking to court. Which is stupid, because it's a relatively small amount of money. It's also stupid because I'll just beat them again.

That's some more of that behavior that Pina frowns on. Smug, confident. It's really a facade, I assure you.

The Phils are in the playoffs. Angelo Cataldi is still a dour Dan about the whole thing. I look for great things from Chase, Shane, and Pat, and expect great things from the usual suspects - Lights Out, J-Roll, and the major league home run champ. Also, to my peoples in Milwaukee: congratulations on making the playoffs! You deserve it. You ain't going any further, though. [friendly wink]

The Eagles keep losing games that they should win. I hope this is because they'll pull out all the stops in the second half of the season. Beating Washington next week will be a good sign of things to come.

I'm still playing WoW. It's a sickness, but one I feel is under control. Other players cannot stress enough how the content for maximum-level characters is entirely worth the work of getting to the maximum level. We'll see. Right now the difficult part is playing my main characters rather than the other ones I created a few weeks ago. Since I know more about the game and how things work, the newer characters have many more advantages to them than the old ones did at the same point.

I bet nobody gave a damn about 95% of that last paragraph.

I am disappointed that the state decided that we're not allowed to smoke in bars, or bars-that-are-not-neighborhood-taverns, or facilities-with-less-than-70%-alcohol-sales, or whatever they decided. People have choices. If you don't want to smoke, you don't have to. If you don't want to second-hand smoke, you don't have to. If you don't want to work somewhere where people traditionally smoke, you don't have to. Damn hippies. Patton Oswalt was right.

Have I mentioned I love Philadelphia? I love it.

I'm writing this on the train back up to Hatboro from Center City. Then I have to go to work, because there's still work even when you win your first arbitration. In fact, there's probably more work now.

Go Phils.

--11:42 AM, EDT, underground, North Philadelphia, PA, lights out

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