That's not what the Death card means

Damn good times
written 2008-10-23 09:17:00

What's great about this Phillies team is the entire team effort. Last night (Game 1 of the '08 World Series) some of the superstar-level players did not have their best showings. But in that situation, the rest of the team steps up. Not just Utley and his home run, but Victorino's bat and his defense, Pedro Feliz, Chris Coste (as DH...!) This team rarely wins because of one superstar playing out of his mind ball. They win because they're all out there working, and playing as a team.

I dig that.

In other news, autumn hit and the temperature is dropping. You can't tell from my apartment, though, which continues to collect all the heat from my building and concentrate it on my floor. Right now, that's drying out my cuticles and my nose. In a month or two, it's saving me bank on my heating bill.

--9:13 AM, EDT, Holland, PA, and I said "shrink, I wanna kill"

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