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Dr. Jones and Dr. Jones
written 2008-11-19 17:42:18

While I have not yet seen Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, I have difficulty thinking of Jones and Son as anyone other than Connery and Ford. I'm just putting this out there. I don't even know if LaBoeuf is playing Indy's illegitimate love child or something. I'm guessing.

What's up? Working. Writing, researching. Remembering things I learned in law school and putting them to use. Mostly what I'm supposed to be doing, I think.

It's dark early, and that's how you know this is the cool season. And cool means cool, daddy-o, not of a low temperature. Can you dig it? Night time is the right time, and there's more night every night.

Stopped down around DC to play some cards and see some friends. Did quite well, too - four game wins out of five rounds, ranked first going into the finals. Though, in the finals was, as I heard him described, "like, the number one ranked player in the world." I lost in the end, to this player, who I freely admit is a badass and I look forward to playing him again.

Just finished leveling up in World of Warcraft, which I think puts me at eight months since I started, maybe a little more. I still haven't checked to see my total time played, because it's scary. There's an expansion on the way (thanks, Chuck, for the birthday present!) so that's 10 more levels. There's another one after that, but we'll see when that becomes necessary.

My plans to make flavor infused vodka remain in place - the filtering is complete. Now I need mason jars or some other sealed container.

It's getting to be about that time. I'm going to get going.

--5:35 PM, EST, Holland, PA, I don't think I want to be a good dog anymore

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