That's not what the Death card means

Tis the season
written 2008-12-05 11:26:21

A lot of radio silence on here, for which I apologize (but not too sincerely, out of the hope that I'm not writing because I'm too busy doing). Let's review.

My brother is the Royal Flush Gang 2008 Player of the Year! Congrats, and "well done" to all the guys who hung in there for the big finish game. I lost early, but recouped a little in the cash game.

Project: Vodka Infusion continues. We have a variety of flavors going on, and we look forward to field trials around Christmas regarding which one is the most disgusting.

Christmas, as you may have heard, is a time of giving. It seems like I'll be giving some today, as a number of my chosen charities, philanthropies and non-profits are motivating me to be generous. I hear you saying, "but you're a poor junior associate living in squalor in Hatboro, Matt!" I deny none of that. But (as I may have quoted before) Harry Chapin once said that the poor people are too busy trying to make ends meet, and the rich people are busy getting richer, so it falls to the middle. And I'm just ambitious enough to call myself "the middle." If so inclined, think about giving a little something, if it's economically feasible.

Going back down to DC to play a little VTES tomorrow. Sunday will be a day of laundry, movies, and cleaning up.

The days are getting shorter, the weather's getting colder. Christian said, "You know you're back in the Midwest when you think to yourself, 'it can't be that cold, because it's snowing.'" Winter is awesome. I enjoyed the autumn, and most days it still feels autumnal, but that's just because winter track and Wisconsin have ruined my ability to feel cold. The overheated apartment should be re-ruining me in the other direction, but mostly it's just drying out my skin.

Gas is $1.83. At one point I meant to chronicle the price of gas on this journal, when it began creeping up toward $3.00, but then forgot. Unfortunate, because being able to chart the price of gas from mid-$2.00 to nearly $5.00 back down to prices starting with "$1" would have been cool. I'm not a good record keeper.

--11:15 AM, EST, Holland, PA, do they know it's Christmastime at all?

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