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I know that better things are on their way
written 2008-12-18 17:22:14

There was a rough week, then a week of recovery.

That first week, the Check Engine light went on in my car. I had what felt like a fever, and a wandering neck and back ache. I was targeted for workplace harassment (not really, just had to work with the one guy in the office that everyone hates and everything that comes out of his mouth sounds ignorant and enraging). I found out that my WoW character needed a bunch of imaginary goods and that obtaining those goods would be a pain in the rear.

I stayed home a few days because of the illness. I wasn't certain if losing two days of work would be worth it, but I felt better afterward. My buddy at work told me he had similar symptoms, but he kept working, and still feels awful. So, while my solution was probably the lazy man's preference, it seems to have worked.

Got the car fixed, after what felt like a dozen calls to the mechanic. Beat the hell out of my associate at work (not really, just determined that he's willing to talk trash when I'm not there, but only wants to kiss ass when I'm present). Spent a bunch of imaginary money on imaginary goods in WoW. Started reading a biography of Lawrence of Arabia. Got the last of my stuff done for our annual Solstice party (well, almost).

Went to see the Phantoms play at the Spectrum (30 games left). Man, I highly recommend hitting the Spectrum before it closes, if only to remind yourself of what it was like when you were little, or younger, or maybe just to say you went before they shut it down. Also, hockey. Oh, yes. My dad's impressed with their speed, which is impressive, but I'm impressed with their accuracy. The two are connected, naturally, because if they were skating slowly then accuracy gets easier. It's amazing what they can do. I would have liked to see a fight, though; I admit it. My favorite Flyer is Riley Cote, eh?

I'm going to read some stuff, and then head home. It's dark already, and they're talking ice storm for tomorrow. Well, I think they were talking ice storm, and now they're just talking rain, but a guy can hope, can't he? Mmmm, ice storm.

--5:15 PM, EST, Holland, PA, here's hoping all the verses rhyme

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