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Taking exception
written 2008-12-30 09:29:57

Happy New Year, all y'all. Well, it's not new yet, but hopefully you'll all be too busy reveling and having a hootenanny tomorrow to read the internets.

Me? Christmas was good. Too brief, but very good. Saw most of the usual suspects at our Solstice party. Drank infused vodka (bacon tied with orange for MPV, most popular vodka), gave gifts, laid down laws. Christmas was nice because those demon children allowed me to sleep past 6 AM -- well, they tried to wake me up, but I managed to groan and roll over enough to discourage them for an hour. Then presents, and family, and food, and good times. Mom could not make it, and the weather conspired to keep me out of Vermont, but we remain confident we'll see her soon.

My landlord finally responded! Amazing, I know. Unfortunately, his first contact with me in ten months was not "I'm so sorry, I should have called, let's work together and arrive at a mutually acceptable resolution to these issues." It was in fact, "Yeah, so I didn't answer mail or phone calls since April? So what? Pay me." Negotiations are ongoing.

I will ring in the New Year at the Theater of the Living Arts in Philly, spending time with John and John, two dear friends of my youth. It will involve staying up late, but I should be able to hack it. The only danger will come in napping too long between full work day and 11:30 PM concert. It's a "nap," and not a "full sleep cycle." Remember that part.

Hope you all survived the holidays, and keep doing so. I'll be in Johnstown next week, so keep your eyes open for news about that.

--9:22 AM, Holland, PA, pretentious latin quote

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