That's not what the Death card means

I forgot to take my telepathy pills this morning
written 2009-01-07 16:14:37

It's 4:03 PM, and I'm at home. Why is this, you may ask? Because I am no longer employed at the place I have been employed for seven months. Through no choice of my own, mind you. "It's not because you're not bringing in business," the boss said, which is the same thing he said last time. Which leads me to believe that's exactly why. But really, who can say?

The timing was not bad, though. I was really not looking forward to that job after my colleague left to launch his own business. Also, I had an interview lined up, which went well, I think. Also, a number of people have let me know about opportunities of various types and stripes, so I have a lot of options.

Still sucks to get canned, though. I tell ya. I'm trying not to focus on that, because that's a sure way to get all grumpy and whiny and moany.

So, things that are not related to losing a job: driving across Pennsylvania is nicer when you have better than 30 feet visibility, and is nicer when there isn't ice forming on your windshield wiper blades. I have a appointment in Nevada in a month. I am confident that I will be able to keep my appointment in Osaka in May. Well, perhaps confident is not the word. I have faith.

My landlord is still an ass. When he wasn't communicating, that sucked. Now that he is communicating, it's no better. Jerk.

Bah! Enough downery. I'm going to make dinner, decide whether or not to enter the POTY running for The Royal Flush Gang 2009 Tournament Season, and probably mope. But not too much.

--4:13 PM, EST, Hatboro, PA, stay positive

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