That's not what the Death card means

I thought you were a bag of trash
written 2009-04-07 10:54:20

And, but, well.

Many things are new and true. Behold.

I will have a new address on May 1. More on that later, but it'll involve a view of Hatboro from eight stories up. Bonus.

I will experience transcontinental existence later in May. Osaka calls, and I am helpless to resist her siren song.

My taxes aren't done. This is the problem with getting the federal part done so early -- you forget that both the Commonwealth and the Village want their piece of the action. Hopefully finish that up today. Good news: the Philadelphia wage tax was a credit on my local return. If that's true also of the state return, I should be golden.

UNC beat Michigan State. Handily. Is UNC just that good, or did State get to the championship through luck and fortunate matchups? Regardless, congratulations to Villanova on making the Final Four. It was like I was 10 years old all over again.

Spring's here, and my apartment's colder at night than it ever was during the winter. Weird. I won't miss that at all.

Work is work, and continues. Hopefully for a good little while, since I decided to go to Japan. I was putting off the decision out of that precise fear: that I would decide to go and promptly lose my job, or that I would decide not to go in order to save money, and then work uninterrupted for months and have plenty of money saved, but miss my friend's wedding.

Drexel's law school will be graduating their first class this year. The job market in Philly is probably not going to improve with this development.

--10:47 AM, EDT, Philadelphia, PA, that book by Nabokov

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