That's not what the Death card means

The caretakers of a hundred thousand churches
written 2009-04-30 13:10:47

My coworkers wish that Americal Apparel would use less underage, oversexualized models for their advertising. I thought you should know.

So, I'm all moved. It took way too long, and that's my fault, but there were things to be done. Dammit. Last things moved this morning before work, and will go back in tonight and tidy up for Alfio. There's still a lot of unpacking to do. Also, if anyone wants to talk me through setting up a wireless network to allow me free range with my laptop, I wouldn't be upset.

In other news, I'll leave the country in two weeks. I'm vaguely freaking out about this. Vaguely. Hopefully I'll be completely moved in and not have anything left hanging on that front, and will be able to just go to Osaka and be a tourist and see things and relax. More likely scenario: I pack the wrong things, go slightly insane, have anxiety attacks over eating vegetarian meals, and attack an innocent KFC employee at the Tokyo Narita airport.

Oh, well, I don't have any "did I tell you about the time I got deported" stories, so there's that.

Please send me Japanese language inquiries so I can look them up on my handy languagizer (thanks Jen!) as practice.

--1:06 PM, EDT, Philadelphia, PA, boys don't cry

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