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Quick story
written 2009-05-04 12:49:53

So, I'm walking down Market Street with my co-worker, coming back from buying some lunch, and by the corner of the intersection, there are these LaRouche people handing out screeds. If you haven't seen these folks, they're politically active whack jobs who believe in some weird flavor of fringe politics, and they've printed up their ideas so you can have a copy, take it home and read it, and then contribute money to their PAC.

Anyway, there they are, and we have to walk past them to get back to the office. As we approach, I see one of them wearing a big, sandwich-board sign on his body, reading: "LAROUCHE - SWINE FLU - WHEN WILL PRESIDENT OBAMA WAKE UP". It's a hand-written sign, and there seems to be a stronger connection between the first two sets of words - "LaRouche" and "swine flu." Beyond that, the punctuation was a little bit lacking.

So, while I stop at the curb and wait for the light to turn, I accept a pamphlet from this guy. And because I have to know, I ask him, "Excuse me, is your sign suggesting that LaRouche is causing swine flu?" He rounds on me, presumably excited that someone is speaking to him. "What's that?" he asks. "Are you suggesting that LaRouche causes swine flu?" I say.

"I am suggesting that you are a fool, sir, to ask such a question!" He's shouting this at me as he follows me into the street. Awesome.

Don't you wish you had more opportunities to tell complete strangers that they were fools? That guy's got it made. I mean, he has to stand in the street and be treated like a crazy homeless person, but every once in a while? Worth it. Good for him. I'm glad I could contribute.

--12:43 PM, EDT, Philadelphia, PA, i am invincible

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