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written 2009-06-17 11:34:10

Right, there's a bit of a delay in getting more posted here, specifically about the trip to the Mysterious East. Sorry. I'm doing a bunch of stuff, some of it legitimate and time-consuming and some of it just goofing off, but it all takes valuable time.

While we wait for my brain to formulate what I want to talk about next in re: Osaka, there's the following:

1) Reading. Waiting for my copy of Norwegian Wood by Murakami from Amazon. Been waiting a while. Next time I will probably just buy a copy from an actual bookstore, because this waiting is a pain in the ass. I have to be able to read the whole thing and discuss it by the end of the month, because if you call it a "book club" people will hang out and discuss books with you. I never knew. I thought I just had to inconvenience them and talk about books whether they liked it or not. Last month: The Stuff of Thought by Steven Pinker. Month prior: Nation by Terry Pratchett. Please let me know what I should be reading, and what you are reading.

B) Projects. Bookshelves; ghetto, Ikea and otherwise. (Is IKEA an acronym or always capitalized for some reason? Am I confusing it with Project MK-ULTRA or something? Or is it just corporate culture of some kind?) Warhammer 40K starter set armies. Paint and glue and small detail work. Development of film library (I lost a lot of good movies when I switched from VHS to DVD.)

iii) Greed. So, I'm almost all paid up on my bills from the trip to Japan. I have replenished my savings account and accumulating liquid assets. I find myself in a position to make some purchases. New computer? I could just switch to using the laptop full time, since it has muy macho RAM and performance. I like having a PC and a Mac available, though. Is it worth the expenditure? And can I please not have to use Vista, ever? If I wait for Windows 7, I have to wait until October or something. And I know I said the next video game I buy will probably be StarCraft 2 (release date: "when we say, so stop bothering us, nerds" --Blizzard), but I would like to get a hold of Dawn of War 2 for the low-simmering Warhammer 40k yen with which I find myself. Also, I would like a bunch of Kevin Smith movies, the Venture Brothers season 3 and all the Boondocks seasons. I may do some price checking on these avaricious desires and then not actually get any of them. Because, you know, what if the world explodes and I need that money for buying a new world?

Right? This guy knows.

--11:31 AM, Philadelphia, PA, under the water to carry the water

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