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Full of garbage and rocks
written 2009-07-13 12:01:34


Situation normal, though not in a SNAFU sense. Work, play, finance, plans, all in order.

Work is no longer indefinite in scope - a few weeks ago they decided that they should pick a deadline and we should work towards said deadline. As a result, we anticipate being finished with the project by September. We also have additional people working on the project, which adds a little drama to the process. And finally we have been given the opportunity to work from home three days a week (the new people work from home five days a week; we are asked to come in twice a week because we are the more experienced and resourceful employees). As a result, I've been finding out just how much I can get done when I don't have two hours of commute each day and am stuck in my apartment for potentially days on end.

I exercised my powers of leisure fairly well this week - went to NYC to play cards and celebrate Gerlach's birthday this past weekend, and had dinner guests the Wednesday before. Dinner was nice, and having guests was nice, and having dinner guests who bring dinner with them was very nice. Thanks for coming, and for feeding me, Dad and Mary. The tournament in NYC was a good time, and got to see lots of old familiar VTES faces. I failed miserably in my play performance but had a great time regardless. Gerlach took me on a walking tour of downtown spots but was kind enough to get us a cab at the end of the evening. After red wine, Jameson's and the Macallen, it was a good choice.

Finances are good. I say that having a job and having had a job for the past few months. Knowing* that the job will end by September and the market is still awful for applicants in my position, I will probably gradually convert to a tighter, more frightened subsistence budget. Ideally starting the job search now will turn up some options before I have to go on unemployment, so keep your fingers crossed. There has been some talk in the new federal budgets about forgiving loans for public service workers - anyone know where I can split the difference between volunteer work and legal work? I know the State Department Foreign Service looks favorably on candidates with a JD, but I don't speak a second language fluently. I'd be down with moving somewhere new to work, though my landlord might wonder why I signed a year's lease. Eh.

Plans? Well, depending on my job situation, I think I'd like to hit more of the country and possibly the continent. For example, I've never been to Halifax, and one of my favorite bloggers lives there. Also, there's a lot of big flat empty America I need to shade in on my mental map. (The shaded region indicates portions of the country where I have been.) More on this after we consider the frightened subsistence budget.

--11:51 AM, Philadelphia, PA, nautical themed pashmina afghan

*: Weird aside here -- I don't know that there won't be any more work once this project is completed. There have been several projects that my coworkers have been on, one after another, and they have worked nonstop for over a year. That said, no one has suggested that there will be another project after this one.

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