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written 2009-08-05 16:40:47

Very well.

So, last time, I mentioned having to switch from a monthly, ride-all-you-like-we'll-travel-more pass to the decreased utility and lower price single ride train tickets. Slightly disappointing. However, more disappointing than that was the news that after I bought a pack of ten tickets, our project was put on a shorter notice: two weeks instead of four. That's four train rides instead of eight. Not only do I get to be unemployed sooner, but I also purchased unnecessary train tickets. I hope to be able to put them to good use, like going to see Kristy perform, or something diverting.

So, yeah, project ends August 14th-ish. This is to be expected... it's essential to the very term "temporary employment". I will point out that my two co-workers both did more than a year of work on this and other projects, uninterrupted, ever ongoing. It was not wholly whimsical of me to imagine that we might be on this gig for a considerable period of time.

Resumes resume, and I would thank people reading this to keep me in mind for positions with law firms or any other kind of employment. We're in a recession, and I'm not about to turn my nose up at gainful employment. I believe I qualify for unemployment benefits, but I think I've discussed before how I think those are sometimes bad for the soul.

The possibility of a continental tour remains live, but a recent transaction between me (payor) and my student loan company (payee) has left me with a hollow, desolate feeling in my heart vis-a-vis my economic future. If I can budget out the cost of getting around and getting home in one piece and balance it against the possibility of my car dying or my apartment burning up or my health failing or the sky falling or whatever, then we'll see.

Man, I really feel like I should apologize to you people. I mean, you don't read this to get depressed, do you? You can watch the news for that. I'm sorry. Let me try and muster up some good news: um... uh... my back hurts less than it did last week. Yeah! That's positive. I helped Nerdhoney and her Nerdhusband move, and then had trouble with my lower back. Sitting and working at a computer ten hours a day didn't help much. I didn't get to go to Ithaca, though, and that sucked. Damn! There goes the positive. Um, I have a remote control for the AC in my apartment. That's pretty cool, right? Right?

(*sigh*) All right, I'll work on it for next time.

--4:34 PM, EDT, Philadelphia, take your hat off boy when you're talking to me

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