That's not what the Death card means

Golly, I wouldn't know what to do with that
written 2009-08-21 19:27:25

I like the fact that in Firefox, on my Mac, there is a pale blue backdrop surrounding my site's domain name. That pale blue indicates "unknown security threat" but the very nice blue tone belies that connotation.

Yeah! So! Anyway! I've gotten two phone calls this week about possible interviews and then no follow-up calls. I have not heard back about the ADA job up in Stroudsburg, and their posting has been removed from Craigslist. There have not been any USAJobs postings for which I qualify. All this adds up to "no leads" though I have been selected for a very nice babysitting gig on Sunday, so that should at least mean some Doritos. I wish I still liked Doritos. But it's really for the best if I'm not as fixated on them as I was, say, in 1993. (shudder)

My showerhead is held to the wall by a plastic brace, similar to the kind that microphone stands employ. A C-shaped grip which allows the showerhead to be removed upward, y'know? Well, mine is broke, and when pressure is exerted on the showerhead - for instance, when water passes through the feed hose, or when I nudge the feed hose while showering - the showerhead falls. Usually onto my head. Causing me to swear loudly and experience the fine acoustics of my bathroom, and likely causing my neighbor to question my sanity or her safety. I have asked for official showerhead fixing, and have not had any response for a week. I believe I will be crazy-gluing it later tonight. It will likely depend on how much I've had to drink.

I'm playing a lot of Warcraft in the barren expanse of my day. I'm glad to have something that kills time, but I worry that my corpse will be discovered surrounded by take-out food containers with my laptop precariously balanced on one knee and other players demanding to know why I haven't resumed playing in the chat channel. No one wants that, much less the person who has to find my hideous game-playing remains.

Right. Going out. Going to drink. Going to buy comics. Not necessarily in that order.

--7:18 PM, EDT, Hatboro, PA, i believe a heart is made to feel the things that lay in front of it

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