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Men were deceivers ever
written 2009-09-05 21:05:13

Augh. What? Something.

More time passes, and work is not in evidence. My plan to have business cards printed, advertising my services as a carefree dilettante about town, an adventurer for hire, a consultant into matters unusual - remains my only opportunity.

But we persevere. We struggle, when struggle is all we know. We send out resumes and presume that no response is forthcoming, because that is the standard response. And generally, we just wait.

Played poker for the first time in months at Bren's. Working until 6 PM in the city usually pre-empted my attendance at the 7 PM game, so I had to punk out most of the last chunk of the year. However, this week I was back, and in the interim I had forgotten how to lose. I won the tournament, and reminded the Royal Flush Gang that King isn't the only Heslin with mad poker skills. (It was luck. Entirely. Please don't tell those guys.)

Drew and Yumi showed some of their work at First Friday in Doylestown last night. Their stuff is great, and I'm currently displaying one of Yumi's originals on my Facebook page, and also on my living room wall. Feel free to view either, but do call before dropping by.

I haven't really eaten today. I wonder if that's a function of Saturdays rather than V:TES? I didn't really do much, so there's that. Is 9 PM too late to go somewhere for a bite?

--8:59 PM, Hatboro, PA, no, you won't make me jealous

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