That's not what the Death card means

Like Archbishop Hooper said
written 2009-09-21 23:12:55

What did I do this weekend?

I hurtled through space at 500 MPH. I wagered with Indians. I starved myself and had a chocolate malt with my butterburger. I mixed three kinds of liquor in the space of about ten minutes in my gullet. I drove in Madison, Wisconsin on a Game Day. I called all sorts of people "Gorgeous" and gave them come-hither eyes. I erred, which is human, and I forgave, which is awesome. I created vampires and helped bring about the end of the world. I made it out of my ex-girlfriend's 30th birthday party alive.

I took someone else's car across state lines, but returned it with a full tank. I told stories and was mocked. I made it to the gate in time. I was verbally berated by a cat. I drank scotch straight from the bottle and wondered why it wasn't utterly ruining my ability to reason. I listened to stories and mocked the tellers. I beheld Chicago at night from 2,000 feet, which I highly recommend both for the view and the safety buffer between you and the traffic. I went to the wrong game store and the right one. I helped people bridge the gap of time via Facebook. I judged the unrighteous and defended the helpless. (Okay, not very well.)

I altered time itself.

I surprised some.

I had a great time.

What'd you do?

--6:48 PM, EDT, between Ardsley and Roslyn Stations, the R2 line, Pennsylvania, in this halfway home

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