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The long dark tea-time of the soul
written 2009-10-30 22:38:43

Item: I have a new phone. It is an iPhone, because my last two phones were old and busted, and I wanted, if even for only a brief time, to have the new hotness on me. (Note, using these phrases marks me as an old person who uses old references. That's a movie quote from 2002. I'm practically dead in pop culture years.) I am not using it to its fullest extent - go ask Chuck about what all your iPhone can do if you want it to - but even using the bare minimum of features I'm getting a hell of lot more utility out of it than I did from my old phone. With the old phone, I would mope and whinge about paying $55 per month so that no one would call me. Now, I pay even more per month, but I don't worry about no one calling me because I'm reading my e-mail and following Twitter and looking at Facebook and all the good stuff the internet has to offer. I'm fine with your callous disregard, "real world," my replica life via Apple and Google will sustain me until I can take my hideous revenge.

Item: My empty meaningless existence! I didn't have job for a while, and I moped about it. Then I got a job, and now I mope about that. The job is project-based, and will end in the next month or so -- expect more whining at that time. I'm sure I could be living in a home with 17 furnished bedroom suites, have a driver and a manservant, make thousands of dollars doing something I loved, be showered with adoration by hundreds of gorgeous women and still find some way to piss and moan about it. It's good that I'm on top of this element of my world outlook; I hate to think how miserable I'd be otherwise.

Item: Current status. Employed (see above). Overemployed during the week to the tune of 10 to 12 hours per day in the office. This is preferable to the route taken by some of my coworkers, which is nine hours in the office, followed by at least one hour worked at home via the intarwebz, and sometimes supplemented by work on the weekend. I will take my poison M-F, sir, and thank you but no thank you for the weekend work. Single. This may be contributing to my general malaise, as I don't think I suffer from SAD, but rather get a giddy, romantic feeling when the leaves are falling and the air is crisp and cool. However, when I go to put my arm around a willing female, I tend to lose my balance and fall over due to the lack of said female companionship. Disappointing, but like Sarah said, there's websites for that. I'm not comfortable with websites for that, though, so I have only myself to blame. A Big Nerd. My major hobby lately is that stupid time-wasting chunk of software known to the geeks as WoW. I don't have much opportunity to play V:TES, VS. is dead, and there hasn't been a role-playing game in something like a year. I bought some Warhammer minis, but the paint I bought either doesn't show up on black primer or requires many, many coats before it'll do so. I haven't turned on my PC in weeks, relying solely on my MacBook for all things computer-y.

Let's see if all of this posts, then we'll move on.

--10:29 PM, EDT, Hatboro, PA, na na na na, getting jiggy with it

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