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Let's dig into the closet, shall we?
written 2009-10-30 22:53:11

And what happened over the last chunk of weeks where I wasn't posting much?

I think I hit most of the high notes: unemployment, employment, autumn. I housesat for my sister, which felt oddly inconvenient. I must really be comfortable with walking 70 yards to the train station if a 10-15 minute car ride in the morning seems "inconvenient." But the cat got fed, the mail was collected, and I watched a lot of bad cable movies. It's good to have cable / television once in a while, so you can remind yourself just how little of it is worthwhile. That said, there's a bunch of TV content I'd like to catch up on, via DVD or via streaming video.

The week I was housesitting, I "lost" my phone. Bouncing between two homes, commuting to Philadelphia each day, there's any number of places it could have been - the couch at my sister's place, somewhere in my apartment building, on the R2 train to Warminster, in the office building on Market where I work. However, about two/three weeks later, I discovered it was actually in my pants pocket. Yep. I mean, any more obvious and I'd be a sitcom plot. I might actually be a sitcom plot. But, by the time I found it, I was good and hooked on my Apple fix.

I planned to visit Canada, but my plans changed on me. I found work, and I housesat, and decided that seeing the good people of the Wisconsin wilderness was of primary importance, so my trip was postponed. I will visit the land of the beaver, the maple leaf, and the Ottawa Senators, but probably not until after winter's through. (Man, I bet it's beautiful up there in winter, though. If I can find a native guide, maybe. Otherwise, in the springtime.)

I got a new television. Since I don't have cable, this is probably a foolish purchase. However, the new format screens make this TV much bigger and cooler than my old one, and my DVD player broke, so, I mean, I was already at Best Buy, and there was a sale on them... A coworker told me this is how you can tell I'm single - because I go to Best Buy and randomly come home with a new TV.

That's about it. You're mainly up to speed. I will officially be old next week, and I hope to spend some time with friends by the seashore to celebrate. Who goes to the shore in November? Well, I guess I do. Feel free to join us.

--10:45 PM, EDT, Hatboro, PA, linoleum knife!

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