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Broken on the wheel
written 2009-12-08 10:27:29

I'm in the office. People are talking about how much money one should spend for Christmas on their children. There is a great deal of outrage and disdain regarding excess and overspending. As much as I agree with them, I can't really get down with judging others based on the dollar values they spend on their children.

And Lord have mercy it has been a long time since I added anything to this page. I apologize. There's been a lot of mean-spirited content that I've consciously not posted, so as to maintain my semi-angelic image with a number of you. The thing about stupid people on the train, John Gabriel's Greater Internet Dickwad Theory, the worthlessness of Facebook-based games... It's been negative, overall. Which is not to suggest that my attitude regarding these last weeks has been negative. Far from it.

It's been getting cold, which you must know by now, I enjoy. I had a month of wearing the Sam Spade / McGruff the Crime Dog tan trenchcoat, which is a good look and garnered lots of compliments from the ladies. But the first snow has fallen and the temperatures are near freezing on a regular basis, so it's time for the black winter coat - the coat that makes all the ladies come back screaming "IMP! IMP!" Wait. That's not right at all. It's a very nice coat, though. It was a gift.

I turned 35 in November. I tried to celebrate with all my friends in Atlantic City (I've been reading Azzarello and Risso's "100 Bullets" and there's a lot of AC in there) but only one showed up: Kristy, you're officially my favorite. As a reward, I worked it so you get a house. I promise to visit soon.

The work has kept up, so I'm still on the job; this is good and bad, in various points-of-view. It's good because I'm working, I have something to do, I have income, and that's all great. It's bad because they told us we would be working until late November, and since we've already exceeded that deadline, they could conceivably fire us at any time. And I can't really plan anything for "after the project" if I don't know when the project is ending. There are worse problems to have, I suppose.

Justin defeated the forces of bureaucracy and immigration and is now married. Gergana is a lovely young woman who I look forward to seeing again, maybe sometime when it isn't her wedding day. It was a good day, and it was nice to have the reception at stately Fraser Manor. Also nice to see all my friends, all together in one place.

I've begun raiding in WoW. This represents a small time commitment and a large nerd commitment. Let me know what kind of tank gear you think I should be chasing, or if the preceding statement made no sense at all, feel free to ignore it, confident in the knowledge that I am a bigger geek than you are.

Baking a pie next week. Taking required courses to keep my law license current. Talking about D&D and Exalted. I apologize in advance if there's another month long gap in correspondence.

--10:24 AM, EST, Philadelphia, PA, I see you come in here, drinking that cheap beer

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