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Well I'm luck I don't have all the power in the world
written 2010-01-29 19:38:06

This monthly updating stuff has got to stop.

Really, is it even a journal if you don't write in it?

Okay, so yeah, and then, stuff. Let me hit some items. In no particular.

1. I got a wireless keyboard, mouse, and speaker set for my laptop, which is now semi-permanently plugged into my TV. I believe doing so is killing my eyes, so I may switch back to simple monitor use at some point. You would think that having great big screen and big resolution would be easier on the eyes than sitting close and peering at a littler display. Maybe not.

2. Nothing I write lately stays. What I mean by that is that I write something on Facebook, on Twitter, or think of something to post here, and almost immediately decide not to. I quickly decide it's thoughtless or someone will take it the wrong way, or that there's no value to whatever it is I'm writing. I'm actively trying to reverse this, so if you see anything that's truly inappropriate or crosses lines, it's probably overcompensation and I apologize.

3. Work. I am working. However, shortly after I posted that last entry, we all got fired. In exactly the manner in which we were assured, earlier that week, that we would not be fired. I spent a few weeks unemployed, and then got called back on another project (same firm). Then that project failed to happen, and I spent a few more weeks unemployed. Then it eventually happened, and that where I am now.

4. There is no number 4.

5. Carrie and Mikey got engaged!

6. I main tanked Sapphiron. I am teh 1337 WoW pwnz04.

7. I will be taking the Foreign Service Officer Test in March. This is a standardized test designed to check you for a couple of different disciplines required of State Department employees serving in consulates abroad. If I pass, I'll be invited to interview in a complicated all-day test / simulation / argument thing. The pass rate for that section is under 30% or something. I've been doing a lot of preparatory reading on the process. Please cross your fingers for me in March, and I'll let you know if any additional finger-crossing will be required.

8. I'm watching "Space: Above and Beyond," which is pretty much as good as I remember.

--7:34 PM, EDT, Hatboro, PA, innocence and arrogance entwined

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