That's not what the Death card means

You can't say that, not without tempting fate
written 2010-03-21 15:32:46

I got work. Starting tomorrow. Anything happens to screw this up, and I'll blame you. You know who you are. You're on notice. /steely colbert stare

Wait, that might have been the /steely carebear stare. Never mind.

The worst bit is the not-having-a-work-schedule sleep pattern. Since I've been jerked around so much on the project start date, I've been staying up later and later, until my usual time to wake up starts looking more like my bedtime. NO GOOD. Might have to resort to coffee to get myself reacclimated. I hate admitting weakness like that.

It was Kristy's birthday! She's all old and stuff! You know how you can tell she's old? She's going to be someone's mommy in a couple of months. That's so old. That's like... Sarah Henley old. So old. Man.

If you have a couple of hours and want to try some Moroccan food, you should go to Marrakesh, off South Street near Fifth. There's seven courses, and you eat with your hands, and belly dancing, and it's a really good time. Reasonably priced, too, and the fact that you have to knock to be let in, and the lighting's dim and the place is laid out like a maze - all makes it very romantic, and noir, and such. You should go.

So, I have to save money for intercontinental travel this summer. I think packing my lunch is step one. Tithing my paychecks into savings (not to Holy Mother Church, sorry) is step two, and trying to argue my landlord into a more reasonable rental rate is step three.

But I have to have some walking around money, as well, because, you know, working in the big city. While I thought some of my income could go to replacing my beat-up old desktop PC (happy fifth birthday, you boat anchor), the revelation that StarCraft II could be available on Mac changed that plan. Still wanna play Warhammer 40K II. Must resist.

I finished watching Battlestar Galactica. Not bad. Kinda abrupt at the end.

Springtime in Philadelphia. Who's up for gelato, walks and parks? I love winter, but winter isn't here anymore. One must live in the moment.

--3:23 PM, EDT, Hatboro, PA, but you won't let those robots eat me

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