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written 2010-04-24 23:17:10

"I don't know why / I don't know anything at all" --Shawn Colvin, "I Don't Know Why"

I told my friend the other day, "When I'm working, I whine about not having any time to do anything else. When I'm not working, I whine about not having anything to do." Obviously I have plenty of time for procrastination and such. More opportunity should equal more action, so let's work on that. Ironically, I probably won't share that through this journal, as that paradox goes as follows: I will either have nothing going on, and thus nothing to report here :: I will have lots going on, and in the effort to live and not just sit back and observe, I will not stop to relate the various events of the day.

"A bulging wallet, overstuffed with angels' pay / laughter" --XTC, "Holly Up On Poppy"

Here's my day, in chronological order: a) wake up late, caught up on sleep from my work week. My work week is nine hour days, with an hour of commute on either side. It's not bad, but it is a chunk of time. C'est la vie. b) I have a headache. I resist the application of pharmaceuticals in most things, so I try to wait it out. c) I eat some crackers, drink some Coke, play some WoW. Headache persists. I hope the caffeine will help with it. d) No relief. I take an Aleve. I immediately vomit. e) I sleep for about four hours. f) I attend book club. This month's book: Darwyn Cooke's graphic novel adaptation of "Parker the Hunter." It's excellent, as is the after-hours hanging out. One of these weeks we really have to take Rich's suggestion that we go to a bar or somewhere after these things. g) Listening to old CDs on shuffle and writing this.

"You silently check me out / You don't even know it" --artist unknown, from a 1990s music compilation Bear lent me

See, even there you can see the procrastination. I have laundry to do, but it's Saturday morning. Plenty of weekend for that! I'm pretty sure this was my rationale last weekend too. Welcome to this week's installment of "I'm Pretty Sure That's Not Why You're Reading This Journal," featuring my internal monologue.

"I'm for and against your love" --song unknown, though that's probably the title (or even the band name!), same CD

Happy birthdays this week to Mikey and Chuck. I love those guys. Also, a girl called me, which I like. We're having drinks. I like drinks. In the interest of the historical record, which is half the reason Mikey convinced me to post this page, Kentucky Fried Chicken introduced a "sandwich" this month that is a fried chicken breast fillet, cheese and bacon, and another fried chicken breast fillet. So, it's a bacon and cheese sandwich, but with fried chicken standing in for the bread. All of you know me; you know my diet is horrifying and will kill me someday. And this "sandwich" frightens and disgusts me.

"I tried looking for love but I guess it's true / you don't look for love, it's gonna look for you" --"Object of My Affection", Shawn Colvin (My CD player really likes this album and the '90s album. Shuffle is random, but devices have preferences. This is real.)

Since the last post here, I've completed step two in the application process for gaining employment with the State Department in the Foreign Service. Step three, I don't hear about until sometime as early as June, and doesn't occur until who knows when. Also, after step three, there can be a lengthy wait as they tally up available positions and candidates. Lengthy here is described as six to twenty-four months. If they don't hire you after twenty-four months you go back in the pond and have to wait for the next hiring process. So, keeping fingers crossed but not holding breath. I've got work, and I've got savings, and I'm looking forward to some good news. I'm pleased.

"They are holding out one righteous hand / while the other leads the marching band" --Shawn Colvin, "Kill The Messenger"

--11:12 PM, EDT, Hatboro, PA

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