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I don't want to set the world on fire
written 2010-06-04 05:31:41

It's 3:49 AM, except it isn't, at least where I am.

Charles de Gaulle Airport is a crazy place. I have spent the majority of my time being driven from building to building (or possibly just from parts of enormous sprawling buildings to other parts) and once arriving at the correct terminal, I was forced to get yet another flight correction. Oddly enough, it was for the same terminal, and only thirty minutes difference, but apparently important enough to send me back through security for a new boarding pass.

There's a big shopping extravaganza happening in the terminal, similar to a lot of large airports, with the duty-free draw you get at international airports.

Man, I didn't sleep at all that flight (doo doo doo-doo doo). However, I watched Avatar and Invictus and about half an hour of The Hurt Locker. Also, the woman seated behind me could not figure out that her touchscreen would respond to light taps of a fingernail, and as a result I suffered through about four hours of her punching the back of my seat, where my head goes, with her finger. I thought about asking her to stop, but I didn't. I guess I hoped she would go to sleep, or give up, or what have you.

I kicked her ass in Inflight Trivia Challenge, though.

Have you been on a plane lately? I guess I haven't. They have the touchscreen computers on all the seatbacks, and there's a ton of free content on there, and it's networked. So, you can play poker, and the screen will tell you in which seat the person who just snapped your pocket aces is sitting. Or who's kicking your ass in Inflight Trivia Challenge. (Short answer: it's me.) And you can watch whatever movie you want (on a tiny screen, but whatever, you're on a plane, so it's about three inches from your eyes), or some TV, or whatever. And again, mostly free. Not the HBO, but big deal. See above for my movie content, all free.

All right, I have about six hours to kill. I'm going to find out if there's somewhere to get an outlet around here, and then see if plugging into it destroys my power brick. Also, croissants.

--4:01 AM, EDT, or 9:01 AM, GMT, or actually, is Paris on GMT or GMT+1? Whatever. and I was tossin' and turnin'

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