That's not what the Death card means

And then Patrick Duffy steps out of the shower
written 2010-07-03 10:01:34

Aw, man, has it really been that long? I swear I have some kind of self-reassuring mental editor that convinces me that after I have an idea for a post on here, I have in fact posted it. The truth is more horrible than you can imagine.

Anyway, summer. I actively dislike heat, though an insightful woman pointed out that I don't have to like the heat, I can just enjoy what the heat does to ladies' fashion choices. I can't argue with that. Summer is pretty, and traditionally the season of sweat, though this year I am reassured by my ability to turn my bedroom into a small haven of air-conditioned reprieve. It's not summer's fault that it is not winter, but it could try harder. Look at autumn and spring! They're at least halfway there.

Project continues apace, though we are going to have "lunch" with "all the associates and partners" on Tuesday, which could easily be just lunch, or just lunch with an opportunity for the placement agency to schmooze the client, or for the client to tell us that we did such a great job there's no more work, and dismiss us all. My work is very exciting that way.

Had a very nice meal at Jones this week. And since I'm always monopolizing Kristy's time, I freed up her schedule by taking someone else. (Did I mention very nice?) I probably owe K-bar dinner now, which is good, because it will give me a chance to hook her up with more Scott Pilgrim comics.

OMG Scott Pilgrim!!(!) Next month. Movie. This month. Final volume of the comic. It's going to be a very Scott Pilgrim month, I tells ya. Anyone want to go to the first available movie showing, maybe after getting a little hammered? Because that's my plan. You're welcome to join me, but DON'T STEAL, BITERS.

Canadians want you not to steal.

I know it's been responsible for a few of my failed attempts to wake up on time, but MAN, XPN's Sleepy Hollow is so great. So great. I woke up this morning to some slow, easy folk version of "Hiawatha." Then Norah Jones singing some of the music to a Ken Burns documentary? Yes, please. I need to see if I can get an unscratched version of my Morcheeba records on my iTunes. Also, I need more people to know that TV on the Radio is a badass group. I bought a couple of Adam WarRock tracks, too, because I'm trying to support developing music...? Nah, I just like War Rocket Ajax.

RIGHT THEN. Laundry. Liquid refreshment. Then going out on this holiday weekend. I hope yours is better than mine.

--9:56 AM, EDT, Hatboro, PA, long may you run

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