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$0.17 does not equal .17 cents
written 2010-07-12 14:19:59

Quick hits.

Item! Work continues. Word on the street is that this particular project could last into September. That would be nice for a sense of self-assurance, but I know better than to invest too much personal sense of security in such things.

Item! Developing alternate resumes and work searches. Also got some business cards on the way. They are ridiculous, and as such should properly be referred to as "calling cards," as they are unlikely to lead to any business. If they do, though, look out.

Item! Locked myself out of my apartment again this weekend. I want to stress this: not my fault. I know, I know, I keep doing it, so it probably is my fault, but I reiterate: nuh-uh. I took my car to the mechanic (where they didn't like me waiting around - sorry, guys, I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable, I'll just go walk home a mile in the driving rain) and they offered to give me a lift home while they worked on the car. I accepted, but guess who had my keys? Yep, it was the mechanic with the social anxiety disorder. So, I got a lot of reading done. And walking. The rain was forgiving.

Item! Gerlach's old, Drew and Yumi are expecting, and Jones was in town. Also, Gerlach and Jones, despite years of separation, "look like sisters" and are apparently attracted to men who race motorcycles. After that they started talking about Bret Michaels and Poison, so I just went back to getting exsanguinated by mosquitos.

Item! The World Cup's over! I don't think anyone cares! Fans are evenly split down the "that was a good final" and "that game was like watching a bad student production of Agatha Christie's 'Ten Little Indians'." (Did anyone follow that? Bad acting? Players falling over frequently? Anyone? I don't really follow futbol.)

Item! I'm taking suggestions for new music and old music with which you may think I am unfamiliar. I'm willing to effect swaps of music as well, so let me know what you need or want. My two most recent purchases were Iron & Wine and the Gorillaz. I'm in the market for some old school Wu-Tang (I have Enter... and I'm looking for Only Built 4 Cuban Linx and Liquid Swords), possibly some newer Tori Amos, possibly some Nouvelle Vogue. Only you can increase the community's music awareness!

I have no more items. My dearth of items is concerning. I'm concerned.

--2:14 PM, EDT, Philadelphia, PA, Up from the thirty-six chambers!

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