That's not what the Death card means

Thou hast not the stones, mortal
written 2010-07-25 23:18:21

Home again, home again, folksy cliche'.

Just spent a week at my brother's place, watering the cat and feeding the plants. Man, I hope I got that right. That cat really was getting pissed by the third or fourth day. He (my brother, not the cat) went down to the Caribbean with his wife and her family, and it seems as though they had them a good old time. I very considerately used their air conditioning, washer and dryer, and big screen satellite TV while they were gone, because I am a very thoughtful person. Really, I am.

What else this week... got to see the National Constitution Center, which is a good time. Got to see K-Bar's last week of shows at the NCC, and she was excellent. Though, her new haircut makes her look like a very historically astute pregnant lesbian. Her husband assures me she's not that astute.

Work went from dead (there were a few of those "come in, look at the internet, get lunch, read, leave after eight hours" days last week) to a wealth of work (the unconfirmed report from upstairs is an expected three more months of steady work) in just a few days.

This week's book club was Scott Pilgrim, which was an entertaining discussion. For some reason it drew in eight previously unseen book club participants, all youngsters. I guess Scott Pilgrim or Michael Cera is a good draw with the high school demographic. I also got to drink and hang out with Rich and Marty afterward, which was nice. We keep saying we should go out and drink after book club, and it was nice to actually do that.

Also, I'm chasing some girl. That's got me sometimes crazy and sometimes pleased. We'll have to see about this.

--11:11 PM, EDT, Hatboro, PA, it's okay, this is a leap year

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