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Hilarious follow up post
written 2010-08-10 08:41:49

So, the mechanic wanted another $400 for my car to pass inspection, and for the inspection, and for an oil change. Sometimes, folks might feel a mite presumptuous asking $400 for a $70 request, but not my mechanic. Nope, he was totally fine with it. Even gave me grief over having the wrong insurance card on me, because that's how you encourage return business at 7:30 AM when your customer has just walked a mile to reach you. Sure it is.

Sidenote: my insurance agent kicks ass. Sure, he's my cousin, but I feel confident he also would have helped me out if we were not related by blood.

The mechanic also failed to bid me farewell, so I stood there an extra minute or so while he talked to someone about another car they were fixing. Finally, without even making eye contact, he notices I'm still there and says "have a nice day." This is the second visit without a "Thanks for your business" or "hope you didn't have to walk far" or "you're a human being and I have a basic level of civil respect for your existence." I doubt I will be returning to Monro Muffler and Brake on Rte. 263 in Warminster, PA.

Plus, he made me miss my train, so I have some spare time to rag on his customer service on the internet. And when I got home, the bill for my student loans was waiting for me. I love this morning!

Getting life insurance tonight. If you want some money when I die, or if you've been looking for an excuse to kill me, here's your chance.

--8:33 AM, Hatboro, PA, go tell the captain, won't you tell him what I've done

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