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Try and keep the keyboard dry, Weepy McCrybaby
written 2010-09-14 02:09:06

Right then.

Just had a combination "sleep late"-"do nothing" day to help recover from my weekend. My weekend, in case you weren't aware, was a wedding weekend in Charlotte, NC. Carrie and Mikey got married. There was a cadre of about four people (of which I was frequently one) that were providing services and labor to the happy couple. I understand that by arriving on Thursday night, I actually avoided a good deal of work. Though, I'm not real good at arts and crafts crap, so I don't imagine Carrie would have put me to work on that. I'm also no A/V tech, so Ryan wouldn't have needed me on that.

I'm also no good at flirting. Ask around, because I don't feel like reliving my failures.

The wedding was nice. I hauled a bunch of stuff, and tried to provide a organizational (or sometimes delegated) presence, and gave a lot of people rides. Everyone there worked hard, and it was a really nice outcome. Ryan's vow, self-written, was goddamn poetic, though both of the vows made me tear up. (Shut up! I'm a tough guy.)

Charlotte was great. I mostly saw three or four places, but it was cool to be back, and cool to drive around and try and remember what happened where. High points for nostalgia: Cheerwine, biscuits, ABC stores, the Taj Ma Teeter, the Pinkerton building, and in a kind of anti-nostalgia, the Queens College campus.

Flying was the usual crap shoot - going there was a badly mapped wild goose chase followed by a two hour wait on the tarmac, coming home was fairly direct and non-problematic. Mikey, if you're reading this, I took both a lighter and a pocketknife on the plane. See, you were worrying about nothing.

I got to meet tehvalerie! The really real It was pretty great.

But, now I'm back, and my mind is all motion and uncalm storm sea. I heard I'm starting work next Monday, but I'm aware that there's six days between now and then for things to go wrong. I would like to do something proactive, but as noted above, I'm not interested in reliving my failures.

But, life is short.

--2:00 AM, EDT, Hatboro, PA, they say misery loves company

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