That's not what the Death card means

It's the standard pain in chest numbness of left arm
written 2011-04-20 08:26:27

We will continue this typing on phone experiment, at least until you stupid humans figure out this is skynet ER UM SYNTAX error yes cough.

Hooray everyone, the singularity isn't a murderous AI dedicated to the eradication of mankind, it's a mopey blogger apologizing for not posting more. On the whole, a net win for humanity. Not completely, but still.

Does my playoff beard not count if I cut down the Van Dyke to match the length of the rest of the beard? I probably should have asked that question a while ago.

Oh my goodness, I'm on the right train this morning. 7:52 and I made it, despite the work on the beard and waking up kinda late. I imagine in a few hours I'll learn that I forgot to wear pants or my shoes don't match my eyes or something. I don't really care.

I would like recommendations for new music. I think the last album I bought was the Decemberists (who I keep wanting to spell "Decembrists" but I guess they are more about winter than they are about Russian insurrections), not counting the various Adam Warrock EP material.

The brackets for typing HTML are actually pretty easy on the phone. I retract yesterday's statement. ...and just like that, I realize I may have made a mistake at the end of the post, yesterday. We'll see if the entire page is in italics when I'm done here.

--8:18 am, Melrose Park, PA, there are times when life rattles your bones and bends your limbs

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