That's not what the Death card means

This world will break you down
written 2011-05-05 19:55:43

Since none of you got me any new music - you're all fired, by the way - I got some of my own.

I needed some music for a little drive I took, but unfortunately that disc had a scratch. I can make another one, if anyone needs one.

For some reason I wanted to fight everyone today. No one could say anything on Facebook or in my office or on the streets of Philadelphia without me wanting to punch them. I don't know what reservoir of patience or fortitude I exhausted, but God forbid you wanted to talk about how insensitive it was for SEAL Team 6 to use "Geronimo" as the code for Bin Laden. Because, you know, SEAL Team 6 is world-renowned for their thoughtfulness and caring nature. Oh, wait, no, they're the expert infiltration commando squad. I must have been thinking of other seals. Perhaps baby seals.

Today I composed a little version of the serenity prayer that applies to the internet, but the first three comments were all about how my prayer was stupid, or derivative, or how they had read a much better prayer on 4Chan. So I deleted it.

I had a really good weekend. It was not really easy, but it was really worthwhile.

--7:53 PM, EST, Hatboro, PA, despite all the heartache it brings

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