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Might be a new record
written 2011-11-29 12:48:34

So, that last entry says July 2011. It is now November, almost December, of that same year. I suppose I can hang my hat on the fact that it hasn't been a full year since I last posted anything here.

Classic situation: if I'm not doing anything, I have plenty of time to write about it here. If I'm doing everything, I have no time to write about it. I've been pulling down 50 and 60 hour work weeks, not counting commute times, and spending most of my weekends either traveling to Washington or traveling with someone from Washington.

So, while I could rhapsodize about the joys of small-market airports or needing extra blankets at night up in the mountains of Vermont, I could also just be living in those moments and not memorializing them. (Adam WarRock's got a song about that. That dude is so great.)

So, yeah. I just had a project end questionably, and it looks like I might have some time off. As a colleague said, "Time off of a project is either too short or too long." You either won't have enough time to get your own errands done or personal stuff attended to (and unemployment won't kick in fast enough to help you cover your bills), or you will have a terrible interminable time of unrequited job search, waiting to hear if another project is coming along, or who-knows-what.

I need to get my car inspected, get my apartment cleaned in anticipation of moving in the next few months, learn to crochet, buy some new work-suitable clothes and shoes (though I should really wait until after Christmas at this point).


Okay, someone's buying me lunch and I need a shower. My apologies to anyone who put me in their RSS feed and then forgot about me.

--12:44 PM EST, November 29, 2011, remember to kick it over

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