That's not what the Death card means

I think you mean vicious, not viscous
written 2014-06-04 14:16:57

The government did something.

The media - part of it - got up in arms about it.

The media - the other part of it - got up in arms about what the first part said.

People hear these rumblings and have opinions about the rumblings.

Those people post things on the internet to express their opinions about it.

Some of those things are objectionable to me.

I was briefly upset about them until I thought about how goddamn meaningless it all is. Literally, I was going to get worked up about a meme posted by someone who felt that news coverage of someone reacting to government action was judgmental and overweening.


Christ, I need a job.

2:15 PM, EDT, Philadelphia, PA, I could feel something's not right / I could feel someone blasting me with hate

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