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written 2015-06-15 21:43:56

That last post was written God-only-knows-when, and posted tonight. I gotta remember to datestamp these things.

Work is terrible. I've had two projects since the first of the year, total time worked about six weeks. And it's goddamn June. Had a lead on a project, but in Wilmington, and it's been postponed for two to six weeks.

I took enough money out of my savings to cover my student loan payment for July, but there's not enough left in there to cover August. I guess I hope I get work, and a lot of work, between now and then.

Things are bad. Ingrid's going to leave town for a week for her daddy's birthday and Boonestock. I have to stay home with the dog, or work reduced hours to leave for Wilmington and get back before her bladder bursts. Also, the dog has demonstrated in the past that she doesn't like it when we leave her. All of this assumes there's even going to be work, in the first place.

My choices are no work, which will destroy my credit and eventually stick my mom with my debt (co-signed); and work, which will enrage the dog, remind me that the only thing I can do as a career is high-priced data entry, and take three hours a day coming and going.

Things are bad. I don't really have options. I apply for jobs that I am either unqualified for, or too qualified for, and never hear back.

And this crap is why I don't post journal entries for months at a time.

--9:40 PM, EDT, 6/15/2015, Not enough ice cream in the world for this

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