That's not what the Death card means

written 2015-09-01 00:41:25

No work at the current moment. There's a mention in a journal entry from June that says a project got postponed 2-6 weeks. It still hasn't happened.

My loans are down to $87,000 but my savings are exhausted. Ingrid has about had it with me sitting around the house, but nothing but the shitty work I can get through temping pays well enough to make my loan payments.

It was good to see this weekend, since he had forgotten I still had a journal on his server. I meant to ask him what the FTP protocol was to change the intro and title files was. I don't even think I have Fugu installed on this computer.

Same old, same old. You could probably graph the content of this journal by moaning despair content, and get a flat line.

--12:38 AM, EDT, 9/1/2015, Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, PA, beware folks, dia de los muertos

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