That's not what the Death card means

Bad meaning good not bad meaning bad
written 2015-09-17 10:19:13

So no work through September, and none on the horizon. I will probably default on my loans before New Year's -- well, they warn you a few months before actually sending you into default, but I'll owe so much by then that it won't matter.

Refreshed some of my job search site information. Got my PA website data up-to-date and available to all employers, which means I should see an uptick in spam statistics any minute.

Applied to be a bodily injury insurance claim reviewer, an AUSA, and a contracts project supervisor. I won't get the first one for inexperience, I won't get the second one because of networking, and I won't get the third one because of overqualification.

It's hard trying to figure a way out of your situation when all the routes say "This probably won't work".

Sorry again about the sadness. But hey, think how I feel.

--10:17 AM EDT, 9/17/2015, Philadelphia, PA, it's the money

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