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First World Problems
written 2016-07-02 11:30:03

Usually, when Ingrid goes away, I jokingly tell members of my family that they will need to feed me, or else I will starve to death. Well, it's 4th of July weekend, so Ingrid is in Boone. So far, my sister is in Dallas, my dad is in Binghamton, my brother is at Weezer, and my mom lives in some other state. So, probably no updates after this one, after they FIND MY SHRIVELED, MALNOURISHED CORPSE.

(I'm only joking. My corpse will still be fat in the gut, and skinny at the extremities. Unless the dog starts eating me.)

So, yeah, three day weekend with Lennie, the dog who wants to play ha ha no just kidding she wants to bite your finger off if you even THINK about petting her again. She's definitely a cat. I just wish the shelter had told us before we took her home.

The best thing about the Saturday of a three day weekend is not having to read all the whining on Facebook about how you wish you were on vacation already. "Ugh still at work on Wednesday blech THE WORST" was the peak of it, I think. Got me thinking about #firstworldproblems: you have a job. You have a job that gives you July 4th off. You get to go away for a few days. And your response is to bitch about it?

I get it, everyone bitches about something, it's healthy to do so. It's just frustrating to know that while people are going hungry, dying in the heat, and unable to care for their children, my friends are sooooo despondent about only getting a four day weekend when Lance in accounting is getting six.

Sigh. Fuck it. I'll go back to sitting in my air-conditioned mostly-paid-for-by-my-girlfriend luxury accomodation. I may be alone, I may have bite marks on my fingers, and I may have student loan payments that I've been deferring for a year show back up this month, but I'll try and maintain a sense of perspective about it.

--11:24 AM, EDT, Philadelphia, PA, everybody needs a hobby

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