That's not what the Death card means

The year of the cat
written 2021-01-19 15:55:39

  1. Recognize you need to go to the drugstore for tissues.
  2. Realize you need something else, but can't think of what.
  3. Decide to go and hope you remember what it was you wanted.
  4. Bring a reusable bag.
  5. Get to the drug store.
  6. Can't find tissues. Can find "paper goods" aisle, but no tissues.
  7. Find a few other things that are on sale.
  8. Ask for help finding tissues. Get directed to the paper goods aisle.
  9. Look again, find empty shelves where tissues would be, and three packages of individually wrapped 20-tissue pocket sized items.
  10. Decide to wait and find another place to buy tissues.
  11. Go to pay, but the self-service kiosk has an elderly person confused about how the self-service kiosk works.
  12. Go to pay an actual cashier. Cashier asks for your member's club card, which is required for all the sales that were the reason you selected all the other things you are buying.
  13. You don't have your member's club card, and they can't search for it.
  14. Take all your items back to the shelves from which you acquired them.
  15. Buy lottery tickets.
  16. Walk home defeated.

Not much going on these days. Unemployed, only one snowfall this winter, the dog needs to see the dentist. Trump lost, thank G-d, but Biden is a Democrat to the core, and Democrats are experts in fucking up unfuckable situations.

John Fetterman is going to run for Senate again. I'll knock on doors for that guy.

--3:52 PM, EST, Philadelphia, PA, and talk about everything

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